Food distribution to the homeless at Medan Tuanku via PERTIWI Soup Kitchen

Date & Time:

Friday, 7th April 2023

Target beneficiary:

300 homeless people in KL


Pusat Khidmat Gelandangan Medan Tuanku, Lorong Medan Tuanku 2, Medan Tuanku, 50300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur


The PERTIWI Soup Kitchen project is an exemplary initiative aimed at providing regular meals to individuals in need at various locations in Kuala Lumpur. The community outreach effort is established and managed by Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam (PERTIWI), a well-established NGO in Malaysia. The project receives invaluable support from both corporate and individual sponsors, demonstrating their commitment to social responsibility.Through the PERTIWI Soup Kitchen project and Radium Development Berhad, 300 RDB reusable woven bags, each containing mineral water, are distributed to the beneficiaries. This initiative ensures that those in need receive sustenance and promotes environmental consciousness by utilizing reusable bags. Additionally, Radium Development Berhad staff members are actively encouraged to contribute other items ‘in kind,’ such as buns or boxed drinks, further enhancing the assistance provided.

In recognizing the importance of collaborative efforts, the PERTIWI Soup Kitchen project and Radium Development Berhad encourages staff members to participate in the initiative. Two dedicated individuals, Stephanie Wong and Lim Bee Yan, from the Radium Development Berhad, have made valuable contributions, exemplifying their commitment to supporting the project and making a positive impact within their community.

By actively engaging in corporate social responsibility, PERTIWI, along with its corporate and individual sponsors, is playing a vital role in addressing the needs of vulnerable individuals and fostering a culture of compassion and support in Kuala Lumpur.

For more information about the PERTIWI Soup Kitchen project and how you can contribute or get involved, please visit their website at or follow their Facebook group at

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