Radium Development’s DIY Decoration for an Abundant Year

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Embrace the Year of the Dragon with Radium Development’s Inspiring DIY Decorations
As the Chinese New Year of 2024 approaches, Radium Development is thrilled to unveil, “Blossoming in the Year of the Dragon.” This campaign is more than just a celebration – it’s an invitation to infuse the qualities of the Dragon into our brand and offerings.

Crafting Dragons, Crafting Aspirations
Unlock the potential of unused ang pow packets by scanning the QR code on our limited edition printing card. Let this year be a canvas for aspiring to embody the Dragon’s charisma, intelligence, confidence, power, luck, and giftedness. Through creative crafting, we encourage you to manifest these qualities in your own life.

May Your Year Bloom with Dragonic Prosperity!
Scan the QR code, infuse your creations with the spirit of the Dragon, and may the Year of the Dragon bring you prosperity, luck, and the confidence to conquer new horizons. 新年快乐, Happy Chinese New Year, May you Blossoming in the year of the Dragon from Radium Development Berhad!

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